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ABACUS Ltd. was founded in St.-Petersburg, Russia, in 2006 as software developer and provider of services in IT area.

The company offers a full cycle of software development, including:
- formulation of a concept;
- preparation of Technical Specification;
- coding;
- testing and QA;
- implementation, documentation, and support.

Some dozens projects had been fulfilled for customers in Russia and abroad.

The company has 11 software developers as a permanent staff, and 15 workers on a temporary basis.

The Company has an experience in fulfillment Government orders, as a sub-contractor. Working for major Russian customers, we obey their specific requirements for project management (reporting, regular de-briefing, Customer’s supervision, etc.).

PACTA SERVANDA SUNT (1) - this is our motto.



27.10.2006 A solution for supporting a geographically-distributed business.
One of our old Russian customers have addressed us for a solution for support of his new offices located in different time zones. As a result of the fast growth, they need 24*7 support of information infrastructure distributed among all continents, excluding Antarctica. Using our experience in supporting business-processes in "Telecomstroy" holding, we have proposed a cost-effective data-center solution for key applications' hosting....
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12.10.2006 Subversion 1.4
We start to use Subversion 1.4 with Apache 2.0 on our project team server for the control of the code and versions of documents. Our clients and contractors can use browser or special applications for access to codes, documents and other related issues. The introduction of the requirements management system is in process...
15.09.2006 Web site pilot
The web site pilot version was passed to our UK customer
29.08.2006 Linux administration training
There exists a leader of small and middle corporate automation products on the Russian market - "1C"Company. Recently this company has released a new version of its main product - "1C :8.1 Predprijatie" ("enterprise") - a prime LINUX version of this popular product. Our company offers a short training course LINUX administration for administrators of "1C" products.
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1 - Agreements shall be kept (lat.)